The first book

Updated and digitised version of the first genealogy book ’Het Sitte Sukua’

The starting persons of the genealogy book ’Het Sitte Sukua’ are Markus Olli’s son Österspangar and Helga Markus’ daughter Hokkanen. Two of their children (Helka and Juho) married the children of Martti Storstrang and Helga Heikki’s daughter Strang (Heikki and Beata). Thus the descendants of these couples belong to both Strang and Spangar families.

This book shows that the descendants of Markus and Helka left the Vimpeli area, both towards the coast and towards inland. There are a lot of Strang and Spangar descendants in the Perho river area and in Central Ostrobothnia. Some also went to Ostrobothnia. The eighth generation was keen to emigrate to America. The new edition of the ’Het sitte sukua’ has a place index with more than 300 locations with Markus’ and Helka’s descendants.

The first edition of the ’Het Sitte Sukua’ was published 18 years ago, only two years after the genegalogical association was formed. The research was done in the National Library of Finland or in parish offices. As it was time-consuming to do research in the archives, several people remained ’missing’. Now that large part of the parish recods are digitised and accessible on-line throughout the day, the situation is different. As the first edition of the ’Het Sitte Sukua’ was sold out already years ago, there was an idea to update the book through internet research. We could not find every member of the family for this edition, either, but the number of names included in the book grew by 80%.

Due to storage and marketing reasons, we did not want to make a printed paper book. Rather, we made an e-book. The text parts of the original book were left out, and the e-book contains only the updated genealogical information (2 620 families, 29 206 persons and 3348 pages).

As the Strang and Spangar family association finances are good – due to the good sales of the previous genealogy books, it was decided to offer this updated genealogy book for free for people to read.