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About the Strang and Spangar Family Association

The Strang and Spangar Family Association was founded to research the genealogy, keep up the family traditions and to promote the feeling of unity. The founding meeting was held in 1995 in Vimpeli.

The association covers both the Strang and Spangar families, as these were the first families to settle in Vimpeli in the early 1500s. The families have moved inland from the coast of Gulf of Bothnia. At the same time, other Strang brothers settled in Alajärvi and Lappajärvi. At first, the Spangar family was centred in Vimpeli but the family spread quickly to the surroundings of Lake Lappajärvi. Later on, there have been so many intermarriages between the families that researching one family means researching the other family as well.

The Strang and Spangar Family Association have so far published six genealogy books. The name of the book series ´het sitte´ means in Vimpeli dialect ‘well, of course´.

  1. ‘Het Sitte Sukua’, 1998 and 2016
  2. ‘Het Sitte Strangeja’, 2001
  3. ‘Het Sitte Spangareita’, 2004
  4. ‘Het Sitte Sukulaisia 4’, 2007
  5. ´Het sitte sukuja – Heikkilöitä ja Lehtimäkisiä´, 2010
  6. ´Het sitte Strangista Löijaan´, 2013

The books are sold out except ´Het sitte Sukulaisia 4´. The price of the book is 10 euros, excluding postage.